The charitable thing for the UK to do is to unite their football efforts under the Union Jack as one international squad. The United Kingdom campaigns the European and the World championships with four teams. In fairness, other nations should be allowed to have more teams. Here are some European examples.
Germany would send two teams; the Baden-Bayern and the Berlingo covering north and south instead of the politically infested east-west.
France would send the Frankia team and the Cannes-Cannes team, another north-south constellation.
Italy would send the Dinamo Norte and the Campagna, another north-south configuration.
These north-south orientations in football reflect a 200 year old political situation as does the four international footballteams from the British Isles. So modernizing is doable.
Reducing the UK teams to one would give more nations the chance to qualify, at no  cost to the FIFA.

Regional teams already have tournaments ready for development.


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