China's Brexit

Someone in or around Whitehall said that England did not need boys who built with Lego to develop England, or for correctness, the UK. She wanted people with social skills, business skills, political/administrative skills, and negotiators. Someone who could stomach the odd welcome drink or two, I suppose.

Victorianism is a living topic. It is about England at its height of world domination and technical edge. Railroads were built in England, Africa and Asia. Now the Chinese establish a railroad directly between China and England. They are way ahead, but there is no deal The Darling Buds of T. May cannot enter, as long as the on/off switch remains in China. England may just make a profit. China's interest in British railsystems is to have high speed trains from Manchester through the Tunnel. This will feed into the "small goods" type of economy that is sustainable on the "Silk Road Rail". 


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